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Household Baggage Handlers

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64 EASY ANSWERS ABOUT ETIQUETTE FOR THE MODERN MILITARY SPOUSE by Marna Krajeski gives you a shortcut to the basics about manners.

64 easy answers

This concise guide covers social etiquette, as well as customs specific to the military, such as what to do during reveille, retreat, and the national anthems of foreign countries.

The Frequently-Asked-Question format allows you to quickly consult the section you need, or read the book in one sitting if that’s your style (it’s short enough to do that). 

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In this deeply personal collection of stories, 48 wives share their total embarrassments, tragic experiences, and tender emotions as they tackle the daily dramas of military life. By turns touching and hilarious, Household Baggage Handlers opens the door on an often overlooked world, one requiring the independence and survival skills to:                       

  • Move overseas while six months pregnant
  • Manage labor, delivery, and a newborn … without a spouse
  • Nurse a critically injured husband back to health
  • Confront the sight of someone in uniform at the front door
  • Shelter five children alone during a tornado
  • Cope with bats, blizzards, and broken cars during long deployments

Read all about it in their own words. With anecdotes from WWII to the present, these compelling stories capture a sisterhood forged by extraordinary circumstances.

Household Baggage is an entertaining collection of funny, poignant, and disarmingly candid essays written by Marna Krajeski, an Army wife of 18 years and mother of two children.

Her lively and revealing stories target the challenges confronting today’s military family—frequent moves, long separations, uncomfortable living quarters, and wartime deployments.

Household Baggage is perfect for the military spouse who alternates between surviving and thriving, and who always welcomes an extended hand, a sympathetic ear, and comic relief.

Readers Remarks

“If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she’s been living my life. What a gift to be able to put a humorous spin on the trials and tribulations we all experience.”
Judi P., MT, Air Force Wife

Household Baggage keeps me laughing and reflective.”
Marie F., MA, Army Wife (ret.)

“I’ve proudly shared this book with my book club and friends!”
Mary P., NC

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